PepsiCo announces the launch 7UP Revive brand in India

PepsiCo, one of the largest World's food and beverages company, today announced the launch the international brand 7UP Revive, an Active Hydration Drink with vitamins and electrolytes to keep the body stay active. The company said that it is creating a new category in the beverages market, educating the customers about the need of taking in vitamins and electrolytes along with water to keep the body active.

"Our mission is to educate the consumers and create a new category of products starting from 7UP Revive, which will meet that need. Your body loses minerals when you sweat and your body feels tired," said Vidur Vyas, senior director - marketing at PepsiCo India. While existing 7UP targets population from 15-25 years, the new product would widen the target from 18-35 years of population.

Currently the brand is available in Vietnam and Malaysia and the company decided to make India launch starting from Tamil Nadu and Kerala and in the coming days it planned to take it to other parts of the country. Initially, the target is to reach 30,000 outlets, in urban areas.

The new product with vitamins and electrolytes would help to refesh and replace the fluids the body needs when out and about in the hot sun, he said. It would reach 50,000 customers to create awareness. The launch will be supported by on-air, digital, consumer sampling and outdoor campaigns, said Vyas. It would also look at launching more products in the new category in future. The product is available in a 500 ml pet bottle and price at Rs 33 in Tamil Nadu and Rs 35 in Kerala and a 200 ml glass bottle for Rs 12.